Colour: Babyshark ( BLUE )
Babyshark ( BLUE )Babyshark ( PINK )Babyshark ( YELLOW )FOX ( PINK )
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Bumper fox 26CM PINKFONG cartoon toys plush toys shark baby

1 easy to clean: crystal super soft plush material, dirty and easy to clean. Machine wash can be washed.
2 Suitable for children aged 1-5.
3 Specifications Capacity: Height of about 26-32 cm. Width of about 20 cm. Thickness of about 5 cm
4 Weight: about 250g-290g, transparent and independent OPP bag
5 Plush material: 20 years specializing in the production of plush products, plush products, plush fabric quality assurance, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Variety up, fashionable, is the first domestic manufacturer of plush bag; selected materials without impurities tasteless stimulus. No harm to the human body. 
6 China OEM high imitation brand (export products, independent design packaging, mind customers please bypass)

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